Spokane Outdoor Expo Presentations Feb. 25-26 2023

Learn and discover new things about the Inland Northwest’s great outdoors, from hiking and biking trails and local wildlife to stories of adventure successes and mishaps on the region’s trails, waterways, and mountains!  All presentations are free with your expo admission at the Spokane Convention Center. Kids 12 and under are free.


Biking & Hiking Safety in Bear Country
Saturday 10:10-10:50 AM


While many outdoor enthusiasts are scared of bears, truth is bear attacks on humans are relatively rare. Nevertheless, taking precautions when camping, hiking, or biking in bear country is always recommended. Learn about bear avoidance, proper use of bear spray, how to deploy bear spray at a highly agitated charging bear, black bear and grizzly bear identification, how to enjoy bears in the wild, and more from  Be Bear Aware

The Spokane-area Trails that Almost Weren’t
Saturday 11:10-11:50 AM

Presented by Inland NW Land Conservancy. Since only around 6% of Spokane County land is open to public access, there has been a patchwork of trail usage—some of it legit, some through the express or tacit agreement of private landowners, and some that has been just plain trespassing. Over the years, many popular trails have faced extinction at the hand of development, and hikers, runners, and bikers have had to learn the hard way what it truly takes to protect access to the outdoors for all of us. For decades, Inland Northwest Land Conservancy has worked to protect both public and private land, including many favorite trails, for the benefit of future generations, in perpetuity. Learn more about some of these amazing trails and scenic public lands that you can get out and enjoy this spring and summer!

Bikepacking Gear Demonstration and Q&A
12:10-12:50 PM

Learn about bikepacking (backpacking with your bike), from avid local bikepacker Carol Corbin. Carol will be showing off her bike and the gear she uses on her own bikepacking trips and sharing stories and lessons learned from out there on the roads, paths, and trails. If you have ever been curious about taking a camping trip by bike, don’t miss this one!

The Story Behind the Stories by Ammi Midstokke
Saturday 2:10-2:50 PM


Popular Spokesman Review & Out There Outdoors columnist, Ammi Midstokke, explains the “art” of mining for stories in a presentation on how every day relationships, happenings, and the minutiae of life lead to columns. Ammi will read from her forthcoming book, All the Things: Mountain Misadventure, Relationshipping, and Other Hazards of an Off-Grid Life, while sharing some of the unwritten backstory and partial fabrication of what becomes an eventual publication. 
Ammi is a writer and adventurer living in and writing from Sandpoint, Idaho where her daily life, good ideas, and bad decisions often make the paper. Check out more of her writing for Out There Outdoors here or pre-order her new book here.

Sasquatch—Legend Meets Science
Saturday 3:10-4:10 PM

Presented by Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Professor of Anatomy & Anthropology at Idaho State University. Dr. Meldrum will recount how an encounter with 15-inch tracks in eastern Washington’s Blue Mountains set him on the path in search of an answer to the question — Is there a hominoid species behind the legend of sasquatch? Dr. Meldrum is the author of “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science,” which explores the contemporary scientific evidence of sasquatch, as well as two field guides, one focusing on sasquatch and the other covering potential relict hominoid species around the world. He’s also the editor-in-chief of the scholarly journal The Relict Hominoid Inquiry and has shared his findings in numerous popular and professional publications and at live presentations.


Edible and Medicinal Plants You Can Find Close to Home
Sunday 11:10-11:50 AM

A beginners look at the multiple edible and medicinal plants in and around Spokane, presented by Alana Livingston with Wander Spokane. Alana is a Spokane native and received her degree in anthropology from the University of Idaho. Her education and interest in Indigenous people and their use of plant life helped facilitate her opening of Wander Spokane, a business providing several guided walking excursions and tours around the Spokane area.

Learn About E-bikes
Sunday 12:10-12:40 PM

Check out some of the latest electric assist bikes from North Division Bicycle. Learn about different e-bikes and features, from mountain bikes to city or paved path trail cruising e-bikes, and ask questions about safety, charging, ride time, speed, where you can ride them, and more.

Bugs n Snakes Live
Sunday 1:10-2:00 PM

See tarantulas, amphibians, tortoises, lizards, and snakes up close and personal in a safe environment with wildlife experts from Spokane’s Bugs n’ Snakes! Presenters will introduce a variety of exotic reptiles and invertebrates (spiders and stuff!) and give audience members a chance to ask questions, as well as touch and/or hold some of the animals!

Wildlife Watching Tips from the Experts
Sunday 2:10-2:50 PM

Learn how to safely watch different types of wildlife from experts at the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife. Watching wildlife can be a thrilling, accessible, and rewarding hobby. Learn more about wildlife viewing in a presentation with the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife’s Watchable Wildlife Coordinator, Kelsey Hansen. Find out more about getting started with wildlife watching including ethical practices, helpful tools, where to go, and much more.